Chilli sauce – How to Take out the Heat of a Chilli

A chilli sauce is an addition to dishes, which might appear boring without it. Different “heat levels” of chillies require different degrees of courage. While an ordinary chilli is also suitable for people with very sensitive palates, the hottest chilli, the-so-called Carolina Reaper, would bring to their knees also those with the toughest tongues.

If you accidentally eat up the Carolina Reaper, you would be in a tight spot as it is at the very top on the hotness scale of chillies as it has 2.200.000 Scoville units. Thus, this chilli sauce earned itself an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records. Only doctors could help you relieve the pain. If you consumed a chilli, which is not so hot, but is nevertheless a bit too spicy, the following tips can help you:

Sip some milk. Milk and milk products are high in fat and capsaicin is fat-soluble. This is similar to a soap dissolving greasy stains and deposits, enabling us to efficiently clean dirt from cooking. In this case, more is certainly more – higher fat content of a product you use translates into faster pain relief. Therefore, to get out of a mess caused by otherwise delicious chilli sauce, your best friends are full-fat yoghurt, sour cream, etc. You will be even more relieved if the product you consume is cooled.

čili omaka

čili omake

Bottoms up. It is certainly true. If you drink sufficient amounts of alcohol, you probably eventually could not care less about the burning sensation in your mouth. But the magic of alcohol in relieving the pain caused by a chilli is not only in that. Capsaicin, a compound responsible for the heat of chillies, also dissolves in alcohol in addition to fat. But there is a trick: if you ate a chilli, pain will only subside if your beverage has high alcohol content. Beer is thus not an option – at least if you want to eliminate that burning sensation in your mouth. A chilli sauce is intended primarily for its true lovers who enjoy that spicy addition to their food.

Starchy foods. You will probably have heard that consequences of consuming a hot chilli can be addressed with bread. This is true and the same goes for rice – have you noticed that in Asia they eat it together with all spicy dishes? Rice and bread will simply dab capsaicin molecules and its related stinging pain. The chilli sauce you generously spread over your pizza will be a lot more bearable if you have a piece of bread with it.

An interesting fact: A chilli sauce is in itself not at all spicy. Recent studies revealed that the sensation of heat we experience when we bite into a chilli is actually triggered by capsaicin. It activates the heat-sensitive region of the brain, thereby tricking the brain into believing that you have a small flame in your mouth. Although the cause of pain is completely neurological, it has very real consequences. You can take away the pain with the abovementioned tips; however, there are also foodstuffs that will do absolutely nothing to relieve the pain.

These are mostly foods that are high in water. Water, with its maximum content in juices, sparkling and mild alcoholic beverages, will not eliminate capsaicin molecules. On the contrary, they will also be spread to those areas in your mouth where they so far have not been present. The pain will not go away – its intensity will only increase. You will make a similar mistake if you reach for warm or hot beverages. Once your mouth is burned by a chilli sauce, by all means do not take a sip of fresh coffee, even though it might be the only liquid you have at hand. Receptors reacting to capsaicin react to heat as well, and the combination of both could only make your burning sensation worse.

Now that you are familiar with all the tricks, have a chilli or two. You only should not forget to have some sour cream, rice and a piece of bread or a glass of milk at hand so as to fully enjoy the experience.