We could begin with the sentence: ‘We started as far back as… etc.’, but not this time around. You will of course also find out how we started growing chillies and you undoubtedly want to know if we had always been fans of hot substances. Let us thus kick off so that we will not keep you for too long.

The story of B&G Chillies unfolds in the heart of Dolenjska region, where climate is not the most suitable for growing these hot little plants. It can be said that Dolenjska is most suitable for making the wine cviček, but a lot can be achieved with persistence and dedication. So yes, Dolenjska is today also known for its chillies. Who would have thought 50 years ago?

Two young men stand behind the B&G Chillies brand. We are no longer in the first flush of youth, but we enjoy everything that touches upon spicy heat, chillies and diversity in their taste, smell and shape. Once a long time ago, I wanted to become president of the United States and I’ll be darned, I still have not succeeded. But the name Bill, representing the first letter of our brand name, stayed with me. A good thing that I did not meet my high-flying goals, otherwise these excellent chilli treats never would have seen the light of day. Similar to Gogi, who stands behind the second letter in our name, I am a great fan of the Dolenjska hills and of course cviček. Gogi never wanted to become president, but he has always enjoyed nature, hills and everything related to chillies. He had an idea of creating these excellent sauces as he travelled through Italy where the market is already well developed. We therefor joined forces and started creating. Our beginnings were not easy, but we had a lot of fun in the process. We had abundance of knowledge about chillies, but when you know what exactly you want to achieve and where you want to be in the end… Well, you know, when you look for something specific and excellent, there are many obstacles standing in the way.

Three BBQ sauces first saw the light of day. Others followed soon. Let me summarise by using a comment of one of our customers who wrote this below the Sticky Joey BBQ sauce: ”Plums agree with smoked Jalapeno chillies as does a slap in the face of a fool!” You must be wondering how we got inspiration for the names of our sauces. It is a long story with an ever longer ending. Well, it is not that bad, but every name has a story behind it. We will reveal it to you once. But we do not have to disclose everything right away. A little mystery never hurt anyone:)